Laparoscopic Surgery and Laser Surgery

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Laparoscopy and laser surgery are among the latest advances in surgical technique. However, they are not appropriate for all situations.

Laparoscopy is the technique for visualizing the inside of the abdomen through a small incision, allowing surgery to be carried out with instruments inserted through additional small incisions in the abdomen. It is the ideal technique for removal of the gall bladder and for visualization and initial treatment of an intra-abdominal undescended testis. In some selected cases, it is used for appendectomy, correction of gastric reflux, elective removal of the spleen, lymph node biopsies, and freeing of the intestine to allow more extensive procedures. It is not appropriate for repair of hernias in children, or for correction of pyloric stenosis.

Laser light is a form of focused energy that can be used as a cutting tool in surgery. Its advantage is that it coagulates blood vessels as it cuts through tissues Therefore, it is good for use in surgery on very vascular organs, such as the liver. It has no advantage in routine surgery, and the depth of the "cut" is sometimes hard to control, causing unwanted damage to deeper tissues.

Dr. Liebert is experienced in the use of these techniques and applies them when indicated.

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